A visual storyteller and a generalist with strong knowledge and skills in both digital (Adobe CC, Toonboom Harmony and Maya) and traditional medium seeking for an environment that will maximize my creative potential and further enhance my skills as an aspiring artist.


The First Love Student Film | Film Director | 2021

Created a 2D based animated short film as a director leading the entire production team.

The Unknown Student Film | Concept Artist | 2020

Currently working as a background and UI concept artist for 3D based animated short film.

Primal Screen | Animation Intern | 2020

Worked as a 2D rig animator, storyboard artist and a visual development artist (character design, concept art, props design, and background concept art) on developing and pitching animated content for the clients: Cartoon Network, GoNoodle, Minno, PBS Kids, Sesame Street, and SYFY.

24 Hour Animation Challenge | California State University | 2020

Led a team of five to produce a short 30 second animated film based on a given theme within a 24 hour time frame.

GUI Designer & Concept Development Artist| Blockade Games | 2018 – 2019

Worked with developer teams and head managers as GUI/UI lead to launch the initial concept for a mobile RPG game & delivered background concept art to visualize the project.

Graphic Designer & Illustrator | Vision Three | 2015 – 2017

Worked as graphic designer on interactive projects visualizing UI/UX layouts and interactive designs for clients: BICE, DOW, Liberty Mutual, Morton Salt, Roche, Rolls Royce, Stanley Security and Zotec.


Academic Honors Grad Scholarship | SCAD | 2018 – Current

Currently on going GPA 4.0

Applied Arts Magazine Winner | 2020

Illustration ‘Alice in Wonderland’ series nominated for 2020 Applied Arts magazine.

Adobe Top Talent Awards | 2019

Illustration ‘Alice in Wonderland’ series as well as other ‘Bori’ series illustrations won top talent in illustration.

SCAD 24 Hours Generate | Turner Studio | 2019

Short Animation ‘Into the Sunset’ won Best in Show in 24 hours animation challenge hosted by Turner Studio.

3x3 Magazine of Contemporary Illustration | 2019

Illustration ‘Alice in Wonderland’ series won Honorable mention.


Academic Honors Grad Scholarship | SCAD | 2018 – Current

Currently on going GPA 4.0